Earthship Landing:
A Pictorial History

My name is Stuart Simmons and I built an Earthship home near Durango, Colorado. I decided to make the photo journey of my experience available to the public because there wasn't much available in the WWW Land about alternative structures and there is quite a bit of interest in building alternatively. I used to live in the Bay Area, but due to the Rat Race and several other factors, I decided to move to Durango where I found my piece of Heaven. The pictorial history of Earthship Landing on the Internet is an ongoing process. I will start off by putting the pictures on the web as I believe this is what people mostly want to see, but over time I will add a lot more text to the pages of my experience of building the home and what it's like to live in a house made of tires. The way I am going to set up the pages is like a book. each page will have one or two pictures two help keep it small for downloading. I am going to start at the beginning and go through the history of building the Earthship. At the end of the book I will also show some other peoples Earthships and how they have built them differently. Let's get on with it . I would love to hear from you once you have seen these pages. If you know of another link which you think should be included in these pages, then please let me know its URL and I will include it. If you know of other styles of alternative houses, please let me know and I will include them as well. You can E-mail me at